Burwood Highway shared path – Eastlink shared path bridge

(at Mountain Highway) to Morack Road

Currently pedestrians and cyclists are forced to use a narrow boggy ‘goat track’ beside Burwood Highway between the EastLink shared path bridge (in the City of Knox) and Morack Road (in the City of Whitehorse) as there are no footpaths or shared paths on either side of the road.
This section of Burwood Highway would be one of a very limited number of sites in the metropolitan area where no provision has been made for pedestrians or cyclists along the side of a State Highway.
A shared path connection along Burwood Highway is of regional significance as it will provide a safe and viable link for:

  • recreational and commuter cyclists travelling along Burwood Highway and/or the Dandenong Creek Trail, and
  • residents of Vermont South to walk or ride to Knox City Shopping Centre and the EastLink Trail

It will also provide an invaluable link between the adjoining residential communities of Vermont South and Wantirna. VicRoads identified the need for this section of path along Burwood Highway in its Principal Bicycle Network.