Doncaster Rail Study and construction

The first phase of the Doncaster Rail Study was released in late 2014 and determined that a Doncaster Rail line is feasible, with prospective patronage of 56,000 journeys per day. However, the study was not formally completed, delaying potential delivery of the rail line.

The importance of constructing the Doncaster Rail cannot be overstated. Traffic congestion will increase without a mode shift to public transport, as the number of residents and commercial businesses in areas surrounding the proposed line is predicted to rise.

The development of the Doncaster Rail line from the CBD to Doncaster Hill will address current heavy reliance on private transport modes, reduce car dependence and improve intermodal connectivity as well as increase cross-city travel.

Once the detailed technical feasibility study is completed in its entirety, the best course of action and further alignment can be established to ensure project delivery by 2029.

An immediate priority, in line with Plan Melbourne’s recommendation on preserving land for future transport needs, is to ensure the preservation of necessary corridors for future development of the Rowville and Doncaster rail lines as the ‘demand’ case for their development continues to grow over coming years.