One of the Eastern Transport Coalition’s key priorities is the delivery of Rowville Rail, a piece of infrastructure
that has been discussed for almost 50 years.

The Eastern Transport Coalition welcomes the $475 million commitment in the Federal Budget to facilitate part of this
project and the $3 million allocated in the State Budget to study options for this corridor.

In line with recent motions passed by member Councils along the corridor (City of Knox and the City of Monash), the ETC welcomes any increase in public transport funding and capacity,
however reiterates its strong position that the solution for this vital transport corridor should involve heavy rail.

Heavy rail is the optimum long-term solution to provide the greatest public transport capacity and minimise journey times for commuters.
It is also vital that this project be built in a single stage all the way to Rowville, so that access to key educational and employment hubs along the corridor is provided to those living to the east of those hubs, as well as those residing to the west of them. Completing the project in a single stage will maximise the potential public transport patronage in the corridor and
contribute significantly to economic growth in Melbourne’s east.