The Eastern Transport Coalition asked the major parties to commit to specific projects that will improve public transport in Melbourne’s east as part of the Federal Election.

  • We asked them to commit to the following projects:
  • Remove all remaining level crossings on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines
  • Duplicate tracks on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines to allow a substantial increase in services
  • Fund major upgrades and safety improvements to old, crowded stations, such as Huntingdale, Croydon and Box Hill
  • Commit funding to finally build the Westall Road extension and creating a dedicated bus lane on Springvale Road
  • Extending the Route 75 tram to Upper Ferntree Gully Station, providing access to heavy rail for tens of thousands that don’t currently have it
  • Commit to amenity upgrades to bring all train stations in Melbourne’s east up to standard
  • Fund construction of regional trails, including the Yarra Valley Trail, the Warburton Trail to Taralla Creek Trail, and extend the Box Hill to Ringwood Trail

See The Green’s Candidate for Chisholm, Luke Arthur’s response below. If you want to know more about the Green’s Candidate for Chisholm, visit his Facebook here.

Dear ETC,
Monash City Council is quite lucky to have a Greens councillor fighting for some of these issues already. I’m sure Josh can provide an even closer view on the current state of progress than I can but at the federal level, I really like your proposals.
The Greens push for far better transport options than what we currently have and this includes a major upgrade to our public transport system but also projects like major cycling networks to provide more options for commuters and to remove the overall single-reliance on cars.
This election is a really good time to make progress on these issues too. The Liberal Party see our whole corridor as marginal and are willing to come to the table with infrastructure spending, and whether it’s a false promise or not, at least the discussions are finally being had. Be it Chisholm, Deakin, Hotham, Aston, they will all benefit from both major parties having to bring big plans to the table.
The Greens platform doesn’t specifically make mention of single areas but in our overall package, a lot of what you’re asking for will be supported in principle so we can work with the government of the day, be it Andrews and/or Shorten to make some real progress.
Thanks again for reaching out and have a great day.
Luke Arthur
Greens Candidate for Chisholm