The Eastern Transport Coalition is inviting candidates in this month’s State Election to catch a bus and find out first-hand the issues commuters face on a daily basis.

ETC Chairperson, Cr Peter Lockwood said recent consultation with users through the Better Buses Survey found that the two most important issues were frequency and span of hours, particularly at the end of the day.

“The much-needed extensions to the train network, Rowville, Doncaster and expansion of the capacity in the core are a decade or more away, so for many people in Melbourne’s east, buses are the only public transport option and the number of people using buses is increasing,” Cr Lockwood said.

“Unfortunately, the bus network has not received the funding needed to allow the increased services needed by people in the east.

“Even the Auditor General has noted that the network suffers from a lack of co-ordination, poor span of hours, poor reliability and insufficient days of operation.

“For this reason, I am inviting the candidates standing in the seats of Oakleigh, Rowville and the Eastern Metropolitan Region to take a ride on bus with me to meet some regular public transport users and discuss how we can improve our bus services.”

Cr Lockwood will catch the 601 bus from Huntingdale Railway Station on Tuesday, November 18 at 10.32am. This frequent service, which connects the station with Monash University, would be replaced by the much needed Rowville Rail.