The Eastern Transport Coalition has prepared a submission in regard to the State Government’s Melbourne 2030 audit:

The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) commends the intent of Melbourne 2030 and offers suggestions to improve
its operation and implementation. Melbourne 2030 recognises the importance of public transport in metropolitan Melbourne.

The policy however does not mandate the provision of improved public transport infrastructure and services to more appropriately facilitate increased population growth in higher density communities.

The ETC advocates that higher density development should be encouraged, as long as public transport services
and infrastructure are improved to facilitate such growth.

Noting that public transport patronage has increased by 20% in the preceding two years, the ETC believes the importance of providing improved public transport services is imperative to the government and the people it serves.

The government’s stated objective of achieving 20% public transport usage of all motorised journeys by 2020 is
commendable; without greater investment in public transport infrastructure and service provision however this will be unachievable.