The trial of 24 hour public transport on weekends has been welcomed by the Eastern Transport Coalition as an important step in expanding Melbourne’s transport services and delivering greater options for the travelling public.

ETC Chairman, Cr Peter Lockwood said the night services would offer greater flexibility for those residents who needed to travel late at night either for work or social reasons.

“Twenty-four hour weekend public transport should be available in a modern city like Melbourne, which has once again been ranked as the world’s most liveable city,” Cr Lockwood said.

“For many people who live a significant distance from the CBD, the only option to driving their own cars is catching a taxi – although for many this option will simply be unaffordable.

“While there is currently a Night Rider bus service, this greatly expanded service that encompasses the entire public transport network should be a great improvement on what is currently on offer.”

Cr Lockwood said the ETC was also pleased to see the government moving ahead with other projects that would boost Melbourne’s public transport network such as Melbourne Metro, the high-capacity signalling trial and the level crossing removal program.

“These project will help to boost capacity across the entire system and allow for the future delivery of other critical public transport projects, including several in the eastern suburbs such as Doncaster and Rowville Rail, which residents have been waiting decades to see,” Cr Lockwood said.