I write to you as Chairman of the Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC), in reference to your offer on 9 May to
contribute to consultation pertaining to the (MRP or MR3) Review.

As you would be aware, the ETC represents approximately one million residents across seven municipalities in metropolitan Melbourne and advocates (to all levels of government) the provision of sustainable transport.

The ETC is a renowned and representative organisation that conducts its activities in a constructive manner by working with all levels of government and strategic partners to achieve its objectives.

It is within this spirit the ETC accepts your invitation to submit to the MRP consultation process, and looks forward to the response by the Victorian government.

The ETC believes the Objectives (as prescribed by the DOI) for the MRP (MR3) review process are well aligned with those sought by the ETC.  The ETC both notes the objectives of the review, and makes considered responses to each objective in an appropriate, researched and considered fashion.

Fundamentally important to each parliamentary officer and Minister involved in consideration of these matters, is the true and effective functionality of the public transport network.

In the past, the matter of public transport has been considered somewhat a service that ‘should be provided’ as opposed to being a ‘substantial community need’.

Within the realities of increasing oil costs, an ageing population, a burgeoning crisis in the eficient economic capacity of the economy, the participation of all people in the community must be considered. Public transport is itself an institution that has and will continue to provide people with access to social, recreational, educational and employment opportunities.

Surely this is enough to make the Victorian government consider enhancements as a priority in order to achieve its broader social, economic and environmental objectives.