ETC Chairperson Cr Mick Van De Vreede said that the outer east has failed to receive the
generational step up it needs to provide transport choice for its residents and free it of congestion.

ETC Chairperson Cr Van De Vreede said that the ETC had sought commitments for 4 key projects
and the Victorian Transport Plan had partially delivered on two of them.

“The contrast with the west of Melbourne is damming, they rightfully receive new train lines but in the
outer east we are given long off promises and toll roads.

“By failing to commit to new rail services in the outer east in its transport plan the state government is
consigning hundreds of thousands of families to a higher cost of living and hours wasted sitting in
congested freeways and tollways.

“We are deeply disappointed by the total failure to even consider rail to Rowville. I fail to understand
why a project that links Monash University, the Monash Innovation Precinct and the Rowville-
Scoresby employment precinct with the CBD and takes up to 2350 cars of the road every hour was
not even assessed.

“Rail to Rowville first appeared on government plans in 1969 and the current Government even
promised to conduct a feasibility study early in its term.

“We are also disappointed that the commitment to increase rail capacity by putting a third track on
the Dandenong line has been delayed – except for 2.7km – until an unspecified time.

“The DART service must be welcomed and I look forward to the dedicated lanes right to the CBD
providing commuters an efficient transit service. When the ETC surveyed commuters at the
Doncaster Park and Ride they overwhelmingly wanted a train service so the DART service really will
need to provide train like service to meet their needs.

“The ETC is also pleased that the government will ‘consider’ increased capacity on the Belgrave –
Lilydale line into the future, but I want to know why we can’t do the same for Rowville,” Cr Van De
Vreede concluded.

ETC Request VTP commitment
Rail to Rowville No commitment
Rail to Doncaster No commitment for a rail service, rather the Government has provided for the Doncaster Area Rapid Transit service
Increased capacity on Belgrave – Lilydale line A long term project to be considered
Triplification of Dandenong line The billion dollar commitment from Meeting our Transport Commitments has been mostly dropped


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