The Eastern Transport Coalition has made a budget submission to the Federal Transport Minister, Mark
Vaile requesting Federal Government assistance with major transport infrastructure.
The Chairperson of the ETC, Cr Van De Vreede said that the billions that the Federal Government spends on major roads should be applied to significant public transport projects as well.

“There are two ways of dealing with congestion; firstly you can increase the capacity of our roads. Secondly, and this is our preference, you can take people off roads by giving them really good public transport options.

“You might say that a dollar spent on public transport infrastructure would save unnecessary expenditure on roads while making a positive impact on congestion, the environment and the liveability of our suburbs.

“The Rowville Rail is a point in case. If it were built, 2400 cars or a freeway lane of traffic would be removed from our roads every hour.

“While the Federal Government don’t currently fund public transport projects, this has been recommended by the Federal parliamentary Committee on Environment and Heritage that the provision of Australian Government transport infrastructure funds ‘include provision of funding specifically for sustainable public transport infrastructure for suburbs and developments on the outer fringes of our cities.’

“That committee included one of our local Federal members, Mr Jason Wood MP, so the ETC is lookingforward to Mr Wood’s assistance when advocating for federal funding assistance for Public transport.

“This is also a great opportunity for the Federal government to do something really positive in relation to Climate change. Transport related Greenhouse gas emissions will be significantly reduced through such a policy decision”

“We have suggested four really important projects which, if built, would make a huge impact on taking cars off our roads;

  • Rail to Rowville,
  • Improve capacity of Belgrave and Lilydale Lines,
  • Heavy Rail to Doncaster,
  • Transport Interchanges.

“The ETC hopes that the Federal Government agree with our request and starts working towards assisting with the improvement of public transport in the outer east of Melbourne,” Cr Van De Vreede concluded.

For more information please contact;

ETC Chairperson Cr Mick Van De Vreede                      0438 029 932
CPR Communications, Robert Larocca                         0409 198 350