Chair of the Eastern Transport Coalition, Cr Mick Van De Vreede has welcomed the launch of the Wellington Road SmartBus service by the State Government.

“The ETC is campaigning for a better transport system which has better buses, more rail, effective coordination and more people using it.

“The route 900 Smart Bus is part of the solution to our local transport needs as it will help local residents move about an area that doesn’t have decent rail access.

“We look forward to the other smart buses being rolled out and the improvements to our local bus services. Each improvement will make a huge different to residents ability to move around their local community without a car.

“It would be even better if the state could asses the need for and viability of a rail extension to Rowville and make the necessary plans for that to occur in the future. We will keep campaigning for that,” Cr Van De Vreede concluded

The ETC is seven Councils in Melbourne’s east representing over 940,000 residents who are conducting a long term campaign to improve transport choices.

For more information please contact;

ETC Chairperson Cr Mick Van De Vreede                      0438 029 932
CPR Communications, Robert Larocca                         0409 198 350