The Chairperson of the Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC), Cr Van De Vreede said that who owned the Public transport system was not important, what was important was that the system responded to the needs of the community.

“The State Government’s job is to ensure that commuter’s needs are met.

“The history of the public transport system shows that there have been problems under public and private hands.

It is therefore simplistic to think that buying it back will solve all the problems.

“In considering the re-tendering of the system Government needs to look at a variety of models of ownership and operation. It may be that changes to the current tendering arrangements are needed, but they should be driven by commuter needs rather than ideology.

“The ETC wants outcomes in the form of improvements and expansions to the system that complement the Governments Melbourne 2030 planning directions. The operating model that the Government chooses to use must provide the best opportunity to do just that.

“Issues such as expansion of the system and meeting the particular needs of outer east commuters need to be considered. For example, the removal of zone 3 has caused a large increase in commuter numbers and responding to that is more important than who owns the system,” Cr Van De Vreede concluded.

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ETC Chairperson Cr Mick Van De Vreede                        0438 029 932
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