The Eastern Transport Coalition is advocating for a full review of the bus network throughout Melbourne’s east.

There are a lot of specific needs to be addressed and problems to be ironed out. The best way to do this is via a system wide review.

Based on local knowledge, the ETC has identified a range of issues that make the case for a substantial review of our bus system, and provide guidance on practical changes that will see real improvement to bus services and supporting infrastructure throughout the region.

You can access a copy of the ETC’s Bus Network Review Considerations by clicking this link.

Specifically, we have highlighted the following issues that need to be addressed:

• Bus Data
• Bus Priority Infrastructure
• Bus Route Realignment
• Bus Stop Accessibility
• Improved Frequency
• Clustering of Local Bus Routes
• New Bus Services
• Demand Responsive Services

Many of these issues are also highlighted in the Victorian Government’s recently released Victoria’s Bus Plan.

The ETC seeks to work collaboratively with the Victorian Government on the implementation of its Bus Plan, providing local insights to inform a full-scale review of the Eastern Bus Network that will lead to an accessible, integrated, efficient and highly utilised bus network throughout the region.