31 08, 2017

ETC meets with Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan

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The Eastern Transport Coalition recently met with Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan and Shaun Leane MP at Parliament of Victoria to discuss our transport priorities for the Eastern Region.

Our Councillors did an excellent job of presenting our case for increased services for our local communities. We have an exciting year ahead of us!

Pictured, from […]

24 08, 2017

Project 8: Upgrading the Croydon Station Precinct

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Croydon is a great place to live and work, but the area around Croydon Station is congested and inefficient.

By elevating the rail line, we can remove the Coolstore Road level crossing and completely revitalise the area with new shops, more parking, better bus connections and brand new open space.

Want better public transport and a brand […]

8 08, 2017

Project 3: Extending tram route 75

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Extending the route 75 tram to Knox Central would give more options to commuters and provide better connections between local businesses. It just makes sense – and that’s why it’s on our list.

The 50 projects we advocate for will make Mebourne’s east more livable and prepare for population growth. For the full list of projects, […]

18 07, 2017

5 reasons to choose public transport

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Public transport is crucial to the growth and wellbeing of our community. The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) strives to give commuters in Melbourne’s east access to safe and convenient public transport modes with frequent and reliable services. Here’s a few reasons why we think you should choose public transport next time you’re heading out:

5 07, 2017

The ETC invited to comment on the CGD draft Integrated Transport Plan 2017-22

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The ETC welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the City of Greater Dandenong draft Integrated Transport Plan 2017 – 22.

As City of Greater Dandenong state on their website:

Transport is central to our modern way of life. It connects us with our families, friends and community as well as to resources, employment, and services. An […]

26 06, 2017

Priority project: Melbourne Water Pipe Track

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Part of this off-road path has already been constructed. These two images give you an indication of what the path looks like before and after construction:

16 06, 2017

ETC’s BRT Series #5

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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems around Australia and the world take thousands of cars off the road every day. If implemented in Melbourne, a BRT could get the 15,000 bus passengers using the Eastern Freeway each day to their destination more quickly.

14 06, 2017

ETC’s BRT Series #4

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Over 15,000 passengers travel on a bus on the Eastern Freeway each day – a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service between Manningham and the city would make more than 3 million journeys per year more efficient and reliable.

13 06, 2017

ETC’s BRT Series #3

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Manningham is already serviced by the DART bus service but there are several reasons why the ETC wants a Bus Rapid Transit service to go to Manningham, we have outlined a few here:

10 06, 2017

ETC’s BRT Series #2

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The ETC welcomes Transdev’s BRT proposal, announced in The Age this week. This is our second explainer in our BRT-series. Check out why we think the BRT is a good idea: