The Eastern Transport Coalition has launched a public campaign to persuade state and federal politicians to commit to an affordable and innovative solution to public transport issues between Caulfield and Rowville.

A joint proposal by Monash University and Vicinity Centres, Caulfield-Rowville Trackless Rapid Transit (TRT) is an innovative transport solution for Melbourne’s south-east.

The $1.4 billion proposal will improve access to jobs and services by providing a cost-effective transport link between Caulfield and Rowville.
Using dedicated lanes along a 19km route from Caulfield to Rowville via Chadstone and Monash University Clayton, TRT could move up to 1,800 passengers per hour in each direction.

The proposal has been submitted to the State and Federal Governments with a recommendation that they jointly fund and deliver the project.
Caulfield-Rowville TRT is a genuine alternative to trains and trams – cheaper, faster to deliver and just as effective.

Visit our campaign page for more details and to join the campaign.