The Eastern Transport Coalition has welcomed today’s announcement that the State Government has doubled the number of high capacity metro trains it has ordered and which are due to be rolled out on the Cranbourne Pakenham line from 2018.

ETC Chairman, Cr Peter Lockwood said the new trains will be longer and able to carry more people which will significantly ease congestion currently experienced by passengers on Melbourne’s busiest train line.

“Melbourne’s public transport network has suffered due to insufficient investment for far too long,’’ Cr Lockwood said.

“This announcement, along with the removal of level crossings and the eventual completion of the Melbourne Metro project will significantly increase the capacity on the Dandenong rail corridor and make public transport more accessible to more people.”

The Premier, Daniel Andrews has also stated that these trains would include high capacity signalling, which Cr Lockwood said was critical to get the optimum benefit from this train line.

“High capacity signalling must be rolled out across the entire rail network as soon as possible,” Cr Lockwood said. “Without it, our trains are still operating on an antiquated signalling system that limits the number of trains that we can run.

“The technology to operate a world-class transport system is within our reach, the government just needs to be willing to make that investment in the city’s future.

“These 65 trains are a promising step towards that goal,” he said.