The Chairperson of the ETC, Cr Mick Van De Vreede today called on the Victorian Government to follow the lead of the Queensland Government and put in place a program to help families deal with the cost of peak oil.

“The Queensland Government conducted a report into the states vulnerability to rising oil prices. The report found that as oil reserves are depleted there would be large costs on the community.

“The report recommended that action be taken now to mitigate the impacts. As a result the Queensland Government is now devising strategies to;

  • reduce the consumption of liquid fossil fuel
  • encourage the development and use of alternative fuels
  • prepare for demographic and regional changes as Queenslanders alter travel, work and living habits in response to rising fuel prices.

“The report found that costs from peak oil would impact all sectors of the economy, particularly after 2015.

“I share these concerns and want to see us taking action locally to prepare for peak oil.

“I am also particularly concerned that peak oil will impact people who;

  • Don’t have ready access to good public transport
  • Are reliant on private motor vehicles for transport
  • Are employed in the transport industry

“It is families in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs that will be most heavily affected by rapidly increasing fuel prices as they need to travel long distances to access work and other activities and often have no option but to use the car.

“There is no doubt that the Victorian Government is taking action on climate change but we need a specific focus on peak oil and its impact.

“Today we may be concerned about families not being able to afford a home, tomorrow we may be more concerned with families not being able to afford leave their home.

“The good news is that we can take action now. We can work to reduce our use of oil, find alternatives to oil and find more efficient ways of transporting our goods and services.

“John Brumby has previously asked the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission to inquire into the impact of transport congestion, now he should ask it to study the impact of peak oil in Victoria,” Cr Mick Van De Vreede concluded.

For more information please contact;

ETC Chairperson Cr Mick Van De Vreede 0438 029 932
CPR Communications, Robert Larocca 0409 198 350