Acting Chairperson of the ETC, Cr Alex Makin has said the ETC has been underwhelmed by the responses from the major political parties to the need for improved public transport in the east.

“Voters in these key electorates also think that the Federal Government should fund public transport infrastructure in the same way they do roads.

“Voters want better public transport to reduce congestion, save money and help the environment.

“Our survey of 1000 voters found that more than four out of five respondents (83%) said that the issue of public transport infrastructure would be of importance when deciding who they would vote for in the next Federal election.

“And yet the political parties have provided only a mixed bag of responses, some good and some bad.

“While the Liberal Party has said that they will not entertain a role for federal involvement, it has been encouraging that La Trobe MP Jason Wood has agreed there is a need. Likewise the $80 million for Springvale Road provides a model that should be expanded to include public transport projects.

“The ALP, through candidate for Aston, Gerry Raleigh, has said that they promise a ‘national approach to fixing public transport in our community’. While this is a positive statement, the eastern suburbs need a financial commitment to make this a reality”.

“The Greens for instance have said that 25 per cent of Auslink funds should be used on mass transport systems. This is a stance the ETC supports and we note that the State Government advocated for public transport to be included last year.

“Federal Government funding for public transport would allow us to build rail to Rowville, rail to Doncaster or increase the number of train services on the Belgrave / Lilydale lines.

“With growing congestion on our roads, skyrocketing petrol costs and the impact of climate change – it doesn’t matter who gets elected they are going to have to include public transport in their plans.

“The ETC will continue to fight for better public transport in the east and for the Federal Government to have a role in public transport infrastructure,” Cr Alex Makin concluded.

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