The Chairperson of the ETC, Cr Mick Van De Vreede said that the need for better public transport was high on the agenda at the recent local 2020 summit hosted by the Federal Member for Chisholm, Anna Burke, along with five other local MPs from the eastern and southeastern suburbs.

“The ETC was invited and attended Your Local 2020 Summit held jointly by the Federal Members for Chisholm, Deakin, Holt, Hotham, Bruce and Isaacs, and found that there was a great deal of interest in the Federal Government providing funding for major urban public transport infrastructure.

“This confirmed what we found in a major survey last year – 71% of people use cars to get to work and 61% would use public transport if the option was available.

“The survey also found that the Federal Government can help provide that option, 62% of respondents said it was not acceptable that the Federal Government provided funding for major roads but not for public transport infrastructure.

“The Federal Government currently provides billions of dollars for major road infrastructure but public transport is a viable and a necessary alternative. People know that public transport can achieve the same ends, taking private cars off the roads, helping reduce greenhouse gas emission and leaving road space for freight.

“Our local residents don’t want to see each level of Government blame each other, 76% believed the State and Federal Governments should share the cost for all necessary public transport infrastructure.

“In Melbourne’s east we have a number of key projects which would make Melbourne’s transport work better, we want the Federal Government to change its transport funding policies so they can be considered. The projects which would make a difference for us are;

  • Heavy Rail to Rowville,
  • Increased capacity of Belgrave, Lilydale and Dandenong Lines,
  • Heavy Rail to Doncaster,
  • Improved transport Interchanges.

“We hope that the Federal Government can act on the ALP platform and modify AusLink to provide funding for major public transport infrastructure,” Cr Mick Van De Vreede concluded.

Federal Member for Chisholm, Anna Burke said a number of groups at Saturday’s summit emphasised the importance of reducing car dependency and of providing integrated local transport choices.

“There is a clear need for long-term public transport planning and a role for the Federal Government in urban planning and development,” Ms Burke said.

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