The ETC invited to comment on the CGD draft Integrated Transport Plan 2017-22

The ETC welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the City of Greater Dandenong draft Integrated Transport Plan 2017 – 22.

As City of Greater Dandenong state on their website:

Transport is central to our modern way of life. It connects us with our families, friends and community as well as to resources, employment, and services. An effective transport system is critical to the liveability of any city. In addition, active transport modes, such as walking and cycling, improve social and health outcomes.

Many aspects of transport such as public transport and management of arterial roads are not directly under the control of Council.  However, Council can play a critical role in ensuring the needs of its residents are considered by those who make decisions in these areas. 

To maximise the transport opportunities arising within the municipality and improve the quality of life for residents, Council has drafted an Integrated Transport Plan, which is available for your review.

Find the City of Greater Dandenong draft Integrated Transport Plan here

Find the ETC response submission here

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