8 10, 2018

Election Commitment: High-capacity signalling

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Great to see the Victorian Greens commit to improving the frequency of trains, one of our key concerns! High-capacity signalling allows trains to run more often — every two-three minutes — and closer together. The ETC also hope to see the Greens commit to removing the level crossings in the east, including the final [...]

5 10, 2018

The Opposition’s response to ETC’s Election Scorecard

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The Eastern Transport Coalition asked parties to commit to four specific projects that will improve public transport in Melbourne’s east. Click here to see what the Opposition answered.

1 10, 2018

75, it’s Time It Arrived!

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“75, it’s Time It Arrived!”. 🚊✅ It’s time the east got its fair share of public transport and for the 75 tram line to extend through the heart of Knox and eventually through to UFTG! Get in touch with your state and federal MP’s both lower and upper and tell them, “75, it’s Time It Arrived!”. #75itstimeitarrived [...]

18 09, 2018

Duplicating the Belgrave line

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The Lilydale and Belgrave train lines are some f the most unreliable in Melbourne. But delays and cancellations could be a distant memory for commuters in the east if these lines were duplicated. What are your thoughts? Join our campaign for better trains in the east

12 08, 2018

ETC continues to advocate for Rowville Rail

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One of the Eastern Transport Coalition's key priorities is the delivery of Rowville Rail, a piece of infrastructure that has been discussed for almost 50 years. The Eastern Transport Coalition welcomes the $475 million commitment in the Federal Budget to facilitate part of this project and the $3 million allocated in the State Budget to [...]

27 07, 2018

Briefing the Greens

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This morning the ETC had the opportunity to brief the Greens spokesperson for Transport and Member for Eastern Metropolitan, Samantha Dunn MP, on the ETC's campaign and policies. We also passed on some of the issues you (who have joined the campaign) have raised in emails and comments about buses and trains in the east. [...]

20 07, 2018

ETC engage with Metro Trains

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Last night the ETC held our monthly meeting at Knox City Council and we were joined by Huw Millichip, the General Manager for Network Development and Integration at Metro Trains. It was a great opportunity for us to better understand how Metro is working to improve the Belgrave and Lilydale line for our residents in [...]

6 07, 2018

Cr Bill Bennett campaigning for buses in the east

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This morning ETC's Cr Bill Bennett (City of Whitehorse) braved the cold and campaigned at the bus area of Mitcham station to brief commuters on ETC's bus campaign. Melbourne's bus network isn't working.. By coming together we can show politicians that bus commuters in our region won't be ignored at this year's election! Join our [...]