Submission to the Legislative Council Select Committee on Train Services

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The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) has constructively submitted to many Victorian and Commonwealth government forums, reviews, inquiries and consultation processes in the most recent years regarding the provision of sustainable transport options for the eastern region of metropolitan Melbourne. The respective communities represented by the ETC have been vocal supporters of improved public transport in [...]

Short-Term Public Transport Priorities

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The Government is developing a comprehensive transport plan for Victoria to be released by the end of this year. The plan will respond to proposals for Melbourne's east-west corridor in Sir Rod Eddington's report Investing in Transport and other transport priorities across the state. The ETC submitted a response to the State Government on Sir [...]

Metropolitan Train and Tram Refranchising Project (MRP) – ETC Suggestions

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I write to you as Chairman of the Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC), in reference to your offer on 9 May to contribute to consultation pertaining to the (MRP or MR3) Review. As you would be aware, the ETC represents approximately one million residents across seven municipalities in metropolitan Melbourne and advocates (to all levels of [...]

2008 – 2009 State Budget Submission

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On behalf of the Eastern Transport Coalition I would like to make the following submission for your consideration in the 2008-2009 State Budget. With rising fuel prices, rising greenhouse gases and a rising cost of living the single thing that the State Government can do to help working families and the planet is increase expenditure [...]

2008 – 2009 Federal Budget Submission

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The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) is comprised of seven municipal Councils in Melbourne’s East (City of Greater Dandenong, City of Knox, City of Manningham, City of Maroondah, City of Monash, City of Whitehorse and the Shire of Yarra Ranges) and represents nearly one million people. The Coalition’s Mission Statement is: “The Eastern Transport Coalition will [...]

Submission: Transport Legislation Review

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The ETC welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback in regard to the State Government’s Transport Legislation Review. The ETC represents one million residents in Eastern Melbourne through its seven member councils. Through this representation, the ETC includes a number of prominent activity centres, including the Ringwood, Dandenong and Box Hill Transit Cities which are pivotal [...]

ETC Submission to the Melbourne 2030 Audit

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The Eastern Transport Coalition has prepared a submission in regard to the State Government's Melbourne 2030 audit: The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) commends the intent of Melbourne 2030 and offers suggestions to improve its operation and implementation. Melbourne 2030 recognises the importance of public transport in metropolitan Melbourne. The policy however does not mandate the [...]

Survey – Public Transport in Melbourne’s Eastern Region

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In May 2007, in order to understand the transport needs of residents of Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, the Eastern Transport Coalition commissioned the Australian Research Group (ARG) to conduct research into attitudes towards public transport in the Eastern region. The research took place in May. The study involved 1000 online interviews across six electorates in Melbourne’s [...]

Report on the Feasibility of Federal Funding for Urban Public Transport

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The Eastern Transport Coalition commissioned a report examining the feasibility of federal funding for urban public transport. The report has found that Federal involvement in urban public transport is feasibility and desirable due to the economic, social, environmental and governance benefits that it would provide. Furthermore Federal funding for urban public transport infrastructure is consistent [...]